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Nu-Star Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless Shower Doors 

Choose a shower door that perfectly fits and beautifies your space. Nu-Star Frameless Shower Doors come in a wide array of styles, shapes and sizes. We specialize in custom design and installation.

The timeless beauty of glass combined with Nu-Star’s simplicity creates an enclosure not only elegant, but also easy to maintain. Almost any metal finish, shower door hardware, and type of glass can be combined to match your decor in a particularly stylish way. Our commitment to provide luxurious quality that you can feel and see every time you use your bath is unwavering. Our lifetime warranty on all of our glazed units is your assurance that we build “beauty to last a lifetime.”


Shower Door Glass and Easy Clean Glass Options a Nu-Star Company


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options shower doors





Nu-Star Frameless Shower Doors options our unlimited with the widest selection of glass types in the industry. Upgrade standard clear glass to pattern glass, ShowerGuard® glass, tinted glass or patterned glass types to accent your bathroom decor.



Nu-Star Shower Doors



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90 degree frameless shower door


Angle shower door


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