Doggie Doors

San Fernando  Valley ,Ventura County, & LA County Pet Door Installation

Need a pet, cat or dog door installed? Have questions about the best pet door for your home? I’m Jim, and I can help.

I’ll make sure you get a perfect pet door and purrfect installation! Contact me or call (805) 582-9199.

Cat and Dog Doors: Freedom for You and Your Pet

  • No more damaged doors from scratching to go out
  • Happy dogs are less likely to chew shoes and furniture
  • Greater mental stimulation from the sights, sounds and smells of the outdoors means less anxiety
  • Your dog can let himself out to relieve himself. That means less messes for you AND better health for them.
Pet doors are more than just a flap hanging in a hole in your door. Energy efficiency and security are possible with high quality cat and dog doors.
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