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The Best Quality Shower Doors Available. Designed, Manufactured, installed By The Best Team in Southern California. 

No other company has been awarded best overall shower door company by Consumer Affairs than Nu-Star Glass and Mirror. From our unique designs to our proprietary hardware line  We design  simple, safe and elegant custom frameless shower doors and enclosures.


Nu-Star Custom Glass Shower Doors

Frameless Glass Shower Door Styles

Nu-Star can design, manufacture, and install any style shower door you can dream of.
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Single Frameless Glass Shower Door Style

Inline Frameless Glass Shower Door Style

90 Degree Frameless Glass Shower Door Style

Neo Frameless Glass Shower Door Style

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The Perfect Shower Door for that Perfect Comfort


We start and finish our day inside the bathroom. We give ourselves a cold shower in the morning to get that boost to handle whatever the day may bring, and we get rid of the stress we got from what our day brought by having that refreshing hot shower after work to relax..

Give your loved ones a place they need after a stressful day, and a place where they can get inspiration before starting their day by adding to the aesthetic of your restroom which adds to the convenience of your home, by adding beautiful glass shower doors!


Give Your Bath That Spacious Look!


Maybe you’re here trying to search for ways to make your restroom achieve that modern look. Or you think your bathroom may not need to be repainted, or you don’t want to spend a lot of money on restroom furniture to make your bathrooms look more spacious. All you need to do is to install a new shower door! Your see-through door will have your eyes take in every inch of bathroom space.

Sliding doors also help you save more space. Sliding bathtub doors will just roll easily over one another on the track, unlike hinged doors that will swing wide open and take up much of the room.


Spend More Time Relaxing and Less Time Cleaning


Our clear glass frameless shower doors are treated with the right glass coating that will maintain the glass’ luster. With the optional superior protection of enduroshield glass coating, you will never see white spots, soap scum, mineral deposits clinging on your frameless door.

Framed doors and semi frameless doors will give you a hard time scrubbing off the grimes and dirt that collected in its frames. Mold and mildew might also form in the grooves of the frames that may put your family’s health at risk.


A Spa-like Experience Right in Your Home


You’ll never have to spend money for a spa weekend getaway if you have showers in your homes that give that spa-like experience! Give your bathrooms that modern design by installing glass shower doors just like the ones in luxury spas, so you don’t have to spend a lot just to experience luxury.


Choose the Custom Glass Shower Style That Fits Your Exact Needs in 3 Easy Steps!


Here at Nu-Star Glass and Mirror, we value your time. So, we came up with a solution that allows you to save time by giving you the option to choose what the right shower door is for your home! We will guide you through each step so you can choose the right one for you on your first try. Create the best shower space, and start your bathroom upgrade project with us!

Step 1: Search for the Frameless Glass Shower Style that is perfect for your home. 

Step 2: We come and take  the precise measurements. 

Step 3: Choose the hardware that will complement your room’s existing aesthetic. 

Our professional services will help you make sure that you’ve given the dimensions that match your shower space. If you’re still not sure what to do, our helpful team will give you tips for you to know what style is perfect for your specific room..


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