Window Repair and Installation in Simi Valley, CA.

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Nu-Star Glass and Mirror has been Simi Valley, CA. award winning window repair and installation glass shop for over 30 years.

Energy-Efficient Windows

Quality windows let in the light—and that’s all they should let in! At Nu-Star Glass and Mirrors, we offer top-quality windows and expert window installation to make sure that air, drafts, dirt, and solar heat gain are not able to use your windows as a path into your home. Some of the most important energy-efficient features we’ll help you look for in your windows include:

  • Low E Glass: With the strong California sun beating down on your windows, certain rooms can get quite hot. Installing windows with Low E glass helps prevent this by blocking up to 80 percent of solar heat passage through the window.
  • Low Conductivity: Metal window frames can also heat up in direct sun and end up transferring heat into your home. By installing windows that have frames made from materials like vinyl and wood (which have low thermal conductivity) you can prevent this problem and support the energy-efficiency of your home.
  • Draft-Minimizing Design: Today’s windows are designed to be much more airtight than older windows. This helps reduce drafts so you have less conditioned air leaving the home and less outside air coming in.

Insert Windows
When original frames and trim are in good shape, you can leave them in place, saving time and disruption. Insert windows fit right into the existing frame, preserving much of the original look of the window. Available in custom sizes.


Full-Frame Windows 
If your existing window frame is rotted or deteriorated, you’ll want to choose full-frame windows for your replacement project. Although full-frame windows generally cost more than inserts, you’ll be able to maximize your visible glass using this method. Available in standard & custom sizes.

Window Operating Styles 

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Custom Glass in Westlake Village, CA.

Custom Glass Solutions for the Prefect look in Westlake Village, CA.

When you need something as delicate as shower doors, glass doors, or specialty glass installed, you should only trust the very best. At Nu-Star Glass and Mirror  we have been in business since 1976, serving Westlake Village, CA. and the greater Los Angeles  community.and Ventura County.  We started as a family owned business with the objective to serve the local community for all their glass , mirrors, doors, and window needs. Throughout the years, we have grown and developed, increasing our customers and improving our quality.


At Nu-Star Glass and Mirror, we are proud to serve many specialized communities, such as glass contractors, glaziers, designers, proud affiliation with law enforcement agencies.  We are a trusted source of high-quality craftsmanship, and have gained a reputation for the reliability our services provide. Our specialties are in glass design, fabrication, and installation of storefronts, partition walls, glass walls, shower/tub enclosures, windows and doors and wall mirrors. We pay very close attention to detail, so that you receive the best quality finished product possible.



At Nu-Star Glass and Mirror, we pride ourselves on having expertise on a variety of custom glass needs, which means we want to help you on your next specialty project too! For textured glass over art pieces or paneled displays, adding glass or mirrors to custom designed furniture, unconventional angled glass installations, and even more, Nu-Star Glass and Mirror is confident we have the skills and the design background to complete your special project exactly the way you envision it.

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Custom Glass Jewelry Display Case

Perfect for Displaying Rings, Necklaces, Watches, or Other Products and Merchandise. Elegantly Showcase Your Most Valued Possessions with Nu-Star Glass and Mirror custom glass designs.      


So in a nutshell, how much does custom cut glass cost typically? For common projects like single pane windows, picture frames, etc, the glass itself typically costs approximately $5-$6 per square foot. Generally speaking, the thicker the glass the higher the price.

 Can you attach shelves to a mirror?

 Attaching a glass shelf to a mirror is no different. If the mirror was already attached to the wall, it should be removed so that the glass shelf may easily be attached. If the home improvement project is a complete redesigning of the bathroom and the mirror is not on the wall, then that reduces some of the work.

 What type of glass is used for shelving?

Tempered glass is used most often for shelves and table tops. Thickness: Glass comes in thicknesses of 3/16” to ½” with ¼” and 3/8” being the most popular thicknesses.
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